Antiaging Technology LINERASE Collagen Mesotherapy

Antiaging Technology LINERASE Collagen Mesotherapy

Antiaging Skin Renewal Collagen Mesotherapy LinErase Detail Information Antiaging Skin Renewal Collagen Mesotherapy LinErase Detail Information Antiaging Skin Renewal Collagen Mesotherapy LinErase Detail Information Antiaging Skin Renewal Collagen Mesotherapy LinErase Detail Information

Why “LinErase”? (Heterogeneous collagen type 1)

Collagen is lacking in sagging skin. LinErase treatment is among the fastest ways for skin firming.

Studies have revealed that dryness, wrinkles and dullness of skin arise from reduced collagen.

LinErase is applied via subcutaneous route and a successful point of esthetic.

LinErase collagen produces the best conditions for restoration of connective tissue. It is reported to be a substance for dermal bio-rejuvenation, creates the most appropriate conditions for physiologic neo-formation of collagen through aiding rejuvenation of collagen tissue of dermis.

It is used for treatment of body and face chrono, photo old and scar (acne lysis).

LinErase is an advance in fighting against initial aging signs.

Before and after LinErase

LinErase is indicated for fibroblast stimulation for collagen production as a novel connective tissue. Do you know that the dominant collagen form in human skin is collagen type I (80%)-fibrous skin support- and collagen type III (20%)? Our skin is elastic, durable and smooth through collagen.

Unfortunately, individuals above 25 years loose 1.5% of this valuable substance. The first wrinkles arise and the skin begins to be subjected to “gravity”.

Esthetic medicine tries to give collagen back and eliminate the influence of collagen loss.

Novel chances have arisen for reconstruction of tissues through going LinErase onto the market.

LinErase is a bio-active injectable formulation which is administered by the physicians, regains and reconstructs skin and thereby return elasticity and shine of skin. This is an advance for fighting with aging signs!

The best way to fight with collagen loss is to eliminate lacks and the influences of collagen loss.

Therefore collagen should be given back to body.

The discovery which has been waited for a long time in esthetic medicine has been discovered. In esthetic dermatology, third generation LinErase has created a new chance for reconstruction of skin.

LinErase is an innovative therapy and world premiere has been done in March 2015. This is a special medical procedure which is applied by the physicians.Therapy revitalizes and reconstructs the skin and thereby returns elasticity and natural shine of the skin.

“LinErase” it is modern and safe

It is a new age therapy in medical esthetic. It is modern and safe for subcutaneous application, does not lead to side effects or allergic reaction. The method is minimally invasive, so it does not require a long time for recovery. LinErase is the newest method for esthetic medicine doctors. This is a development for fighting with aging signs.

LinErase targets skin rejuvenation, reconstruction, elasticity and flexibility. Skin may look 5 years younger through this method.

When and for whom LinErase is done?

LinErase may be used after 25 years for stopping aging process.

LinErase application

“The procefure may only be used by doctors.”

LinErase is in a liquid form and applied using a fine and very short mesotherapy needle (4 mm).

The doctor applies LinErase with 1-3 cm intervals on a cleaned skin.

A mild massage is done after the application. A total of 2-4 sessions are applied depending on the condition of the skin. Initial outcome may be observed 7-14 days later. Four therapies with 2 weeks of intervals are preferred for obtaining a full effect. Evident differences are seen in skin density and elasticity.

When does the effect of LinErase begin to be seen?

Initial effects may appear 7 days later.

The therapy repairs, renews face, neck, hands and skin through reconstruction of connective tissue, gives the skin natural beauty again.

LinErase is ideal for reducing stretch cars, treating atrophic scars and acne (skin firmness, density, thickening of loose skin, filling fine lines, treating acne scars).

Outcomes may be obtained within 4 weeks after completion of therapy.

LinErase collagen procedure is minimally invasive and does not require time for recovery. A proper local anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure. However it is not a standard applicationas the product already contains anesthetic substance. Redness at injection site, burn sensation, swelling, itching or sensation may develop after the procedure. These symptoms do not require a medical intervention because spontaneously disappear a few minutes or within 3-7 days after the procedure.

Result: a younger appearance that you may enjoy!