Dr. Zeynep Kirker Medical Esthetic Policlinic Medical Esthetic Detail Information

Human being had the desire for looking good and wishing the beautiful. While appearance influences human psychology, having no esthetic concerns brings self-esteem and success together. Demand for medical esthetic has increased in recent years through the social developments, improving economy and culture.

In our outpatient clinic, we aim to meet the medical esthetic needs of our patients who are not ready for surgical operations and also maintaining the natural look is our main principle.

Puberty, deliveries, menopause, genetic factors, environmental pollution, daily living stress!

I think everybody is influenced from them. We must be in peace with mirrors, keep our joy of living, save time for ourselves and personal care. Because the age that we feel is more motivating than our biologic age.

The main purpose of us is maintaining the natural look.

We serve both for women and men with our latest technology, FDA approved, medical CE licensed devices and with our good intention and honesty for contribution to your beauty and dynamism.

What is medical esthetic? Who can do medical esthetic?

Medical esthetic is a field of medicine targeting to improve the psycho-physical balance of the individuals using the data from past to today. Medical esthetic can only be performed by medical doctors. Esthetic is provided by non-operative methods.

Medical esthetic has significantly developed in recent years, as all other fields of medicine and has become an individual section. An ample amount of therapies like stopping skin aging, reaching a new lip shape through eliminating wrinkles, prevention of hyper-hydrosis and elimination of acne may be achieved with medical esthetic. Medical esthetic therapies usually do not require general anesthesia, response can be obtained rapidly and for a short time.