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Vascular Treatments Rosacea Treatment Detail Information

Rosacea is a chronic disorder seen on face.

Cheeks, forehead, chin, nose are the initially involved regions. Lesions may develop in other body parts as the disease progresses.

Despite its unclear etiology, psychological problems, genetic factors, hormonal disorders, infections may lead to disease. The disease emerges with capillary dilation and structural disorders, exacerbations and remissions are seen however the disease progresses constantly.

The disease is usually seen between ages 30-60, more frequent among females.

Our face is important in our social life. The patients state that their social life is impaired due to the disease. Face reveals the mental status of the person when the he/she is excited or nervous.

Treatment includes conventional drugs which provide a temporal relief like vasoconstrictor medications, antibiotics, creams.

Developments in laser technology have enabled us to use laser successfully for treatment of rosacea. Capillary vessels are eliminated with laser and face is recovered.

Laser is applied as 2-3 sessions with 4 week of intervals. Nd-YAG laser is preferred due to short duration of recovery.

The patents should care for the following after laser therapy:

  • Avoid from sunlight, use sunscreens
  • Avoid from strenuous exercise
  • Avoid from extremely hot baths and sauna
  • Avoid from the applications which impair skin integrity (scrub rubbing with a coarse bath glove, alcohol-menthol creams, peeling, cortisone)