Skin Treatments - Other Treatments TREATMENT OF TINEA UNGUIUM Treatment of Tinea Unguium

TREATMENT OF TINEA UNGUIUM Treatment of Tinea Unguium

Skin treatment Tinea Unguium Treatment

How effective is laser therapy?

More than 750 million individuals have tinea unguium worldwide. Treatment of tinea unguium with laser has been used safely in USA since 2008.

This treatment should be performed for all nail seven if a single nail has been affected. It should be considered that the disease may spread or may have spread to the other nails.

Tinea unguium which is known as onychomycosis impairs the color of nail, thickens the nail and causes smell. Appearance of the nail is impaired.

  • It is painless
  • It may be applied at every age and gender
  • It does not influence daily living
  • Nail polish may be used 24 hours later
  • It does not have side effects

Nail solutions or tablets which require long term use are currently used for treatment of tinea pedis. Success rate of these therapies may be low due to side effects and low patient compliance. Laser therapy reaches up to 88% success at a single session. 1-3 sessions may be required in advanced cases. Nail is cleaned from fungus after treatment and grows longer healthily within 6-9 months. Oral antifungal medications are not required and the procedure has no known side effect.