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TREATMENT OF PERSPIRATION Axillary Perspiration - Hand Perspiration

TREATMENT OF PERSPIRATION Axillary Perspiration - Hand Perspiration

Skin treatment Sweating of Axilla and Hands

It may be applied to sweating glands.

The communication between the sweating glands and the nerve ends which stimulate them is interrupted and over- function of sweating glands is prevented.

Many people are disturbed from particularly axially perspiration. Everybody has axillary perspiration particularly in summer.

This condition disturbs both the person him/herself and also the other people. Before summer is the most proper time for performing the procedure for axillary perspiration.

On the other hand, some people have excessive palm and sole hyperhydrosis independently from the seasons. Even some people avoid from handshake due to palmar hyperhydrosis.

Quite successful outcomes may be yielded in people who have hyperhydrosis and for whom this is a social and psychological problem. Treatment reduces both perspiration and smell of sweat.