Antiaging Technology LED THERAPY Skin Care Applications

Antiaging Technology LED THERAPY Skin Care Applications

LED Therapy Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Care Applications and Skin Renewal

What is led therapy?

It is an application done using photobiotic led. The skin is induced at cell level. Collagen and elastin fibers increase. The procedure induces the skin-repairing enzymes through creating phototherapy effect. Skin products may penetrate skin tissue more effectively.

For whom can led therapy be applied?

It is an effective method for all skin types.

For which regions can led therapy be applied?

I may be applied to all required regions as combination therapy.

How is led therapy applied?

It is applied by using led light at different wave length and color depending on the application site.

How many sessions does led therapy take?

It may take 4-8 sessions twice weekly depending on your skin type.

How long does led therapy take?

Duration of the sessions takes 30-60 min depending on application site.

What is the difference of led therapy?

It leads the cells to regenerate faster, repairs and firms skin, eliminates acne.

Is led therapy an effective method?

Led therapy is a method with no side effects. It does not lead to edema and redness, it does not contain ultraviolet light.

What should be expected after led therapy?

The patient may immediately return to normal daily activities just after the procedure. There are no conditions that care should be taken for.

When do the results begin to be seen after led therapy?

Fine wrinkles are eliminated, the skin gets firm depending on your skin type and sessions.

What is the price for led therapy?

The price of the sessions varies depending on your skin structure and application site. You had better see your doctor