Antiaging Technology HYDRAFACIAL DERMABRASION Skin Renewal and Skin Care

Antiaging Technology Hydrafacial Dermabrasion Skin Renewal and Skin Care

Skin Renewal Hydrafacial Dermabrasion Detail Information

What is hydra-facial dermabrasion?

It is a skin rejuvenation and peeling technique applied with FDA-approved devices and without laser. Peeling, cleaning, moisturizing and protection procedures are applied in combination.

Who can be applied hydra-facial dermabrasion?

It is an effective method for all skin types.

To which regions can hydra-facial dermabrasion be applied?

It may be applied to every region in combination with the other applications.

How is hydra-facial dermabrasion applied?

It is applied depending on the methods in combination after you see your doctor.

How many sessions is hydra-facial dermabrasion applied?

It may take 4-8 sessions applied once a month.

How long does hydra-facial dermabrasion take?

It may take 30-60 min depending on application region.

What is the difference of hydra-facial dermabrasion ?

It yields excellent outcomes in treatment of wrinkles, skin problems, and acne.

Fine wrinkles are eliminated, your skin becomes firm and your skin problems are reduced.

It may be used in combination with the other peeling methods and treatment methods.

What is the price for hydra-facial dermabrasion ?

It varies depending on application site. Please see your doctor.