VELASHAPE III Local Slimming - Body Shaping - Weight Loss

VELASHAPE III Local Slimming - Body Shaping - Weight Loss

Local Slimming-Body Shaping-Weight Loss Cellulitis Velashape Local Slimming-Body Shaping-Weight Loss Cellulitis Velashape Local Slimming-Body Shaping-Weight Loss Cellulitis Velashape

What is Velashape III?

Velashape III is an application developed for the problem body parts which disturb women. Velashape III yields a unique, comfortable, quite effective, repeatable body shaping which does not require staying at home. Vellshape III has been developed through more than 10 years of clinical experience and more than ten clinical studies. It is a FDA-approved slimming, cellulitis treatment and local slimming device which has provided more than 5 million independent therapies worldwide.

Velashape III provides a safe and effective body shaping non-operatively.

What is Velashape III technology?

Velashape III is the combination of electro optic energy and mechanic energy.

  • Bipolar RF (radiofrequency)
  • RF (Infrared),
  • Mechanic massage
  • Vacuum

How does Velashape III work?

Velashape III heats the tissue at 3 mm and 15 mm depth through joining IR (infrared), bipolar RF (radio frequency) and vacuum. Combination of RF with IR and vacuum enables to heat adipocytes, surrounding connective tissue with fibrous septa and underlying dermal collagen fibers. Adipocytes can be heated more effectively through higher output power of RF. Optimal design and vacuum enable to penetrate heat deeper and faster. Thereafter this increases the velocity of circulation, lymphatic drainage and collagen formation, also stimulates fibroblast activity and restructures extracellular matrix.

Conclusion: regional decrease in skin laxity and volume, general improvement in skin structure and improvement of cellulitis appearance

How does vacuum and massage (mechanic manipulation) be useful in Velashape III?

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Increases fibroblast activity
  • Decreases viscosity of fat cells
  • Increases extra-vasation and vasodilation of oxygen and nutrients
  • Provides heating at different depths

What are the properties of Velashape III?

  • Increased RF power (up to 150 W)
  • Reaches the targeted tissue heat faster
  • Duration of treatment is decreased
  • Less number of sessions are sufficient for achieving optimal outcomes
  • Higher energy density for providing larger heating

How does heating (infrared and radiofrequency energies) be useful?

  • Accelerates blood perfusion and dissociation of oxygen from oxy-hemoglobin
  • Increases fibroblast activity
  • Accelerates metabolism of fat cells
  • Improves skin structure (septa and all collagen)

Velashape III heats skin up to 3 mm depth (up to dermis) by preserving epidermis (uppermost layer of dermis) through infrared (IR) wave length optic source. Bipolar radiofrequency heats up to 3-15 mm fat layer. Heat effect of IR and RF is higher than the heat effect which could be provided from each alone. Deep hyperthermia increases transmission rate of oxygen to cells two fold. Increased oxygen concentration in fat cells accelerates cell metabolism. Consequently, volume and number of fat cells decrease, lymphatic drainage decreases and skin surface becomes smooth.

Which regions can Velashape III be applied?

  • Large regions like legs, thigh, abdomen
  • Lateral parts of abdomen, small regions like arms, calf of the leg

What are the proven clinical outcomes of Velashape III?

Effectiveness and safety of velashape were indicated with independent, multi-center clinical studies conducted with more than 5 million patients worldwide.

  • Velashape III could achieve more than 2 cm thinning in abdominal region and more than 1.5 cm thinning in thigh
  • Mean 10% thinning and 97% patient satisfaction could be provided in women treated with Velashape III after delivery

How many sessions does Velashape III take and what is the frequency of sessions?

A total of 3 sessions are applied with one week interval. A total of 6 sessions with 2 sessions a week may be applied in patients who have cellulitis and strongly need of regional slimming.

When does the effect of Velashape III begin to be seen?

A decrease in body diameters and an improvement in cellulitis begin to be seen beginning from the first session.