PRESSOTHERAPY Cellulitis and Edema

PRESSOTHERAPY Cellulitis and Edema

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What is lymph?

Lymph is also known as white blood, it is the colorless fluid which helps to maintain fluid balance of the body, eliminates bacteriae and foreign cells from the tissues, ends with blood vessels through a special vessel net composed of canals and canalicula.

What is lymphatic drainage?

It is a system which functions for immunity, defense and lymphatic fluid.

How does presspotherapy (lymphatic drainage) be effective?

Pressure in lymphatic drainage vessels are lower than in blood vessels and lymphatic fluid flows slower than blood. Permeability of lymph vessel walls is higher than that of capillaries.

Lymphatic drainage is in one direction and lymph vessels have valves in order to prevent reflux of fluid to heart.

Lymphatic fluid passes from lymph nodes measuring between 3 mm-3 cm.

Lymphatic drainage glands are in spongious structure and filter the fluid. Lymph nodes are round or oval, bean-shaped. They are usually located as groups at certain sites. Lymphatic fluid flows from a certain region of the body to a certain node.

Fat cells are emptied through a healthy diet. These empty fat cells are firmed through muscle movements done with passive gymnastic. These movements aim at increasing muscle tension, not consuming energy. Different muscle groups are exercised with a certain program.

How does pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage massage) be useful?

Women who have obesity, premenstrual edema, cellulitis and arm edema after cancer treatment may overcome these problems through pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) enables lymphatic drainage through applying upward regular pressure beginning from toes. Skin quality is improved, circumferential slimming and subcutaneous firming are obtained.

Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) regulates functions of immune system and other systems through excreting edema which develops due to various causes except cellulitis.

How is pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) applied?

Legs, feet and abdomen is wrapped with fine socks and pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) device works. The device enables lymphatic drainage through applying pressure from toes upward with regular intervals.

Which methods are used for applying pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage)?

It is applied using lymphatic drainage device and manual lymphatic drainage massage.

What are the differences between pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) and manual massage?

Manual massage enables to stimulate skin mildly. Movements push lymphatic flow in vessels. When pressure is applied at certain points with fingers, the used lymphs are excreted and new lymphs are created and this enables to accelerate blood circulation at that region.

Lymphatic drainage device accelerates white fluid circulation which is defined as lymphatic system.

This device has positive effects also on muscular system. All movements created by the device push the lymphatic flow in vessels and influence smooth muscles of lymphatic system. If we say that human body is a basine filled with water, arteries consist filtration system and veins consist absorption and distribution system. Lymphatic drainage enables free fatty acids in blood circulation to easily be consumed.

When is pressotherapy used as a supportive therapy?

It is applied for enhancing the effectiveness of therapy after mesotherapy and carboxi-therapy.

What should the patient do before coming for pressotherapy?

The patient is asked to bring thin socks because they are used for the procedure.

How long does pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) application take?

It may be applied twice or three times a week. It is applied for enhancing the effectiveness of therapy after mesotherapy and carboxi-therapy. Sessions usually take 30 min.

What are the side effects of pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage)?

Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) has no known side effects.