BTL EXILIS ELITE SATIN EFFECT A smooth and firm appearance

BTL EXILIS ELITE SATIN EFFECT A smooth and firm appearance

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What is BTL Exilis Elite satin effect?

Patented satin effect is defined as a total change of the skin provided by the device. Technology of BTL Exilis Elite device is based on concurrent use of radio-frequency and ultrasound. Both technologies have been used in health technology for more than 20 years. While ultrasound causes heat in deep tissues, radiofrequency firms the skin. In regional slimming procedures, slimming was done with ultrasound first and sagged skin was firmed thereafter with radiofrequency technology. With BTL Exilis Elite satin effect, while subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced with the specially adjusted parameters, skin is also firmed. This effect is defined as satin effect due to this change in skin tissue. The smooth and firm appearance would gradually increase.

To which regions is BTL Exilis Elite satin effect applied?

The application is done as holistic. While a different probe is used for face, neck and décolleté, body probe is used for the other body parts. Conduction type and energy values of facial probe are different so it does not reduce fat. For body probe, temperature at application site is measured with a special thermometer. The contact probe has a cooler for providing patient comfort. Skin tissue reaches 40-42 C during the procedure and cooled to 38-39 C thereafter. So skin surface is preserved and comfort is provided.

How many sessions are applied?

Although varies depending on application site, application time is changed instead of number of sessions. Intervals between sessions vary between 5-10 days. Results would be poorer if the sessions are postponed longer than 10 days. Ideal number of sessions is 4 (one weekly). Results become apparent and measurable beginning from the second session. The patient should care nutrition and consume sufficient water. Additional 2 sessions of firming may be applied after the 4 sessions of package is terminated. This is an option and the application to the same site should be taken min 6 months later. Effects of the procedure continue 3 months more and lessened fat is expected to be eliminated through energy.

Are outcomes of BTL Exilis Elite satin effect permanent?

Slimming with BTL Exilis Elite includes packaging and lessening of free fat. Lessened fat is eliminated depending on energy need of the body. Packaged fat enables the skin to stay firm. No application done for regional slimming makes you lose weight. Weight lose may vary depending on the amount of fat. The procedure enables regional slimming. A smaller size of body may be obtained through the applications done for thigh and lower waist, and also volume and diameter of the legs may be reduced. Fat in the arm region may also be reduced. Fat is not degraded and a deformation does not develop. Lessened and eliminated fat tissue does not return back.

What is the difference between BTL Exilis Elite satin effect and cellulitis application?

The practitioner may choose the depth of subcutaneous fat tissue. Differently from the other procedures, this property may enable more effective and elective outcomes as subcutaneous fat tissues of a thin person with cellulitis and a fat person with cellulitis may be different. The device was specifically approved for elimination of cellulitis by FDA. Peau d’orange may clear away beginning from the second sessions both lower and upper layers of the skin may be affected. BTL Exilis Elite device which is used in 54 countries has anti-cellulitis award in many countries. The procedure may both eliminate and also prevent cellulitis. Once monthly maintenance sessions may be applied for prevention of peau d’orange.

Detailed information about BTL Exilis Elite satin effect

Sessions are applied as 4 sessions once a week, the application takes only one month. Multiple sessions are not required as slimming and firming are achieved concurrently. The application does not influence daily living. The application does not take for longer than one hour so applications for small areas may be done even at lunchtime. Pain is not felt during and after the application. The procedure is comfortable due to cooling technology; you may read your magazine during leg slimming session.

BTL Exilis Elite device is in Europe and America during recent 3 years

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