COLD LIPOLYSIS Advanced Technology for Body Shaping

COLD LIPOLYSIS Advanced Technology for Body Shaping

Local Slimming - Body Shaping - Weight Loss Cellulitis Cold Lypolysis Local Slimming - Body Shaping - Weight Loss Cellulitis Cold Lypolysis Local Slimming - Body Shaping - Weight Loss Cellulitis Cold Lypolysis

Non-operative cold liposuction

The latest technology in non-invasive body shaping

Excessive fat tissue is lessened through controlled cooling which is accepted as an effective method. This is a non-invasive, non-operative method. No recovery period or anesthesia is required. Excellent outcomes are achieved only a few weeks after the procedure.

A vacuum-supported selective cooling method is used in the system. The vacuum leads to a cryogenic effect when reached fat tissue and leads to apoptosis of fat cells in panniculitis and adiposity.

Fat cells which have lost their function are excreted through lymph system.

Application of the procedure:
Vacuum effect

Before, during and after treatment

Treatment protocol
Minimum fat tissue thickness: 10 mm
Treatment sites: Maximum 4 regions at one session
Recommended for: Abdomen, waist, inner and outer parts of the leg, thigh, inner and outer parts of the knee, back and buttocks
Vacuum level: A pre-specificed value is selected according to the measurement done with a caliper and a compass: 200-400 MB
Duration of treatment: Varies depending on application site and sessions
Temperature of application: -8 C
Overall treatment: application is recommended with 6-8 week of intervals, 1-3 sessions on the same site

Advantages of cold lipolysis technology

  • Advanced innovative technology in accordance with EU standards
  • 2 application probes enable to make an application on two different body sites concurrently for 70 min. So both time and cost are preserved. The method is preferred both by the doctor and the patient due to this property.
  • More than 250 000 applications with 450 systems were performed worldwide
  • The method is proper for medical use, it has CE-005

Clinical advantages of cold lipolysis

  • It is an effective and safe method
  • It is non-invasive and painless
  • It may be tolerated, it is an enjoyable procedure
  • Positive effects may be seen even after one session
  • Permanent and positive effect on adipose tissue
  • Diet or exercise is not recommended after the procedure
  • Permanent outcomes become apparent beginnng from 15th day, the main outcomes are achieved at 12nd week.
  • Recovery period is very short
  • There is not a recovery period, analgesics are not required

Clinical fields of use of cold lipolysis

  • Full body contouring/whole body shaping
  • Localized fat tissue treatment
  • A non-operative procedure which is an alternative for liposuction

Effect of cold lipolysis was proven with clinical studies

Positive effect and safety of the procedure were proven with clinical studies and more than 250.000 patients.

Outcomes of cold lipolysis

Mean 5.9 cm slimming at abdominal region, 94% patient satisfaction